Exploring the Consequences of Using Murderous or Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy

One of the most important lessons in the magical world is that no one can use murderous or unforgivable curses.
This unwavering rule marks any witch or infringing magician as a criminal for a trip to Azkaban.
Hogwarts Legacy allows players to learn these spells, but can you?
Here is what happens if the players use Arvada Cedar, Crucial or Empire at Hogwarts Legacy.

Are players punished for use Cedar Arvada at Hogwarts Legacy?

While this does not fit with the tradition and established history of the world, there is no penalty for using Cedar Arvada, Calcium or Empire once you have learned them.
This means that you can use them once you have learned them in whatever you want or who you want and become the Voldemort of this period of time.

Nothing prevents you from using any of them once you learn them, and Arvada Cedar is the best spell in the game.
While it is possible that developers have not followed the tradition of this, at least they made sure that Killing Curse was up to their name.
Everything you want to die falls instantaneously, so it makes sense that you learn it as the last spell of the game, since it would be too broken before.


If you are curious about how to get Arvada Cedar, see our detailed guide here.
That is all you need to know about what happens if players use Arvada Cedar, Calcium or Empire at Hogwarts Legacy.
If you are looking for other information about the game or puzzle guides, be sure to consult the links below.
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