Here are the 5 Best PC Modifications Inherited From Hogwarts:

Hogwarts Legacy is already an incredibly fun game to play, but there are always some things that can be improved, especially when you have the power of a PC and Mods.
Thanks to the Nexus Mods community, there are a lot of different things that can be added to the game to make it much more interesting and fun.
With that in mind, let’s go to our brooms, prepare our potions and find the five best Hogwarts Legacy mods you can download right now.

Cinematic and realistic res had

Image source: Hogwarts Legacy through Nexus Mods
Taking into account that Hogwarts Legacy has some quite large cinematographic shoes to fill with respect to the franchise, it makes sense that some players want to look more like a film.
Fortunately, the kinematic mod gives players the ability to do precisely that.
In this mod, you can change the atmosphere and graphics considerably, at the same time that you improve the details of lighting, shade and texture in each pixel of history.
Almost everything here allows you to improve the appearance and experience to the point that it will make you feel as if you were the main character of one of the Harry Potter franchise films.

1 billion currencies save file

Image source: Hogwarts Legacy through Nexus Mods
There is nothing more annoying than seeing something you want, but you can’t buy it because you just started the game, and you still have few galleons.
So why not incorporate a mod that helps you rain from the beginning?
Known as the MOD in a multi-million dollar way, when you install it on your PC, your character receives one billion coins that you can spend on the cosmetic updates and purchases you want.
And although it is said that money cannot buy happiness, it can certainly buy many fun gadgets for your magician character.


Image source: Hogwarts Legacy through Nexus Mods
One of the best things to be a magician in Hogwarts Legacy is that you can finally fly in your own broom.
We have all dreamed of that when we were children, and it is difficult to think about something that could be better… unless you are like me, and you grew up watching Thomas The Tank Engine.
The Mod Thomas Broom does exactly what its name indicates, transforming your broom into the favorite speaker train of the island of Odor.
While it may seem a bit uncomfortable, with the broom peeking from the back, it is undoubtedly the most interesting way to walk through the place, and remember the Harry Flying Self and rum of the Chamber of Secrets.
However, more than anything, it is practically a right to have Thomas The Tank in your game if it is on the PC at this time.

Arachnophobia mode

Image source: Hogwarts Legacy through Nexus Mods
Some people hate trolls, others hate Slytherin’s magicians, but almost all strings have some rational fear of spiders.
If you are Arachnophobia, you will want to install this mod as soon as possible.
Simply called Mod Arachnophobia, this will change each spider in the game and transform them into boxes.
The boxes will continue to move and act as a spider, but at least you will not see their eight legs, moving, approaching you, wanting to bite you and use their poison.
To quote Ron Weasley: Why spiders?
Why couldn’t it have been to follow butterflies?

Realism Review Reshape

Image source: Hogwarts Legacy through Nexus Mods
While the cinematographic mode is very good, if you are looking for images and super realistic playability, you will want to take a look in aesthetic mode.
This mod is responsible for changing the color of everything in the game, improving all colors in it, while it makes everything from the environment to the characters, it is much more clear and detailed worldwide.
Hogwarts will really come alive, since almost everything will become vibrant and related to our own world.
Instead of the dark and downed mood of the final set of films, it is obviously much more pleasant to be able to fly, fight with enemies and complete missions when everything is less dark and more focused, especially the large itinerant fields.
Hogwarts legacy has to offer.
That’s all!
These are the best modifications of the Hogwarts legacy, which you can download right now.
When they are added more, we will make sure to maintain this updated publication, so you can continue living your magician fantasies and witch a modification at the same time.
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