How to Get the Black! Icon in Roblox Crewmates.

Crewmates, inspired by an extremely popular head-heading / survival without Roblox among us, offers players to sit on a spaceship, perform various tasks and survive in a treacherous killer-a completely ordinary working day, right?
Exploring the spaceship, the players also have the opportunity to collect several badges, including the secret that we will discuss in this brief leadership, Find Black!
Continue to read below to find out more, teammate!

How to make a found black!

Icon in crewmates!
Before we start, it is important to mention that for obtaining found black!
You should have the Find Blue! icon, Find green!
And Find pink!
The icons are at your disposal in the first place.
To earn these icons, you need to talk with a blue mini-partner who appears in the waiting lobby, find a green mini-partner hidden in the cafeteria, and call a pink mini-partner in an electrician.
As soon as you do this, you will unlock three icons.
As soon as you get the icons, talk with your teammates again.
After that, you will be asked to find their brother Black.
To find it, you need to open a secret door in the lobby of waiting, entering a secret code.

The keyboard used to enter the specified code is located behind one of the boxes in the waiting room.
When you find it, enter the following numbers in the exact order in which they are listed: 89367.
After that, the secret door will open, opening the secret room.
To find Black Mini Crewmate, follow the bloody trace that leads to the far corridor.
At the end of this corridor there will be the corpse of Brother Black with Black himself.


After talking with Black, you will receive the Find Black award!
Congratulations, you found the last secret icon and all the brothers and sisters of Mini Crewmate!
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