League of Legends Pro Felix Rocklho Bao Duy Ho: Life and Retirement of an E-Athlete – ZDF Report

Felix Rock Bad Day Ho makes his cash with League of Legends.
The expert used to be a gamer himself, today he works as a Caster at E how easy e-sports.
In a report from ZDF, Rock describes what E-athletes actually makes up in Germany-and why he stopped.
Who is the professional?
The 24-year-old Felix Rock Bad Day Ho is a German-Vietnamese Lol expert who played how basic in 2021 for the e-sports group of the German Energy Group.
Far, nevertheless, the team has actually not been able to attain higher success.
Rock is To planer, Malachite is his signature hero, which he likes to play according to his own info.
Now Rock works as a consultant and assists young skills to start their profession after he himself no longer desired to live the expert life.


This is the documentary: On February 7, the ZDF published 2 reports on the topic of e-spots in Germany, one with the title: Rock or flop? And one with the title: Nothing except betting?
In the latter, Rock discuss the daily life of an e-athlete, his career, and things that he believes can be bothersome when you become a Pro Gamer as a young person-and why he finally stopped.
Among the most famous pro gamers worldwide is the Korean faker:

We just exist due to the fact that people got too uninteresting

What does the daily life of an e-athlete appearance like?
Throughout the report, Rock tells how he spent his days as a gamer in E-Sport:

As an expert player, as I would state, you have a various life than the majority of people picture.
You simply gamble a lot […] 10 hours a day, every day, 7 days a week.
5 hours of it with the group, 5 hours of it alone.
[…] We don’t have fun with good friends, we don’t play for fun.
Every video game is there for us to improve.
One gets huge acknowledgment from all sexes, from all sides.
Why did Rock stop?
Rock discusses that he sees himself as enormously privileged.
His job is one of the rarest in Germany, and he only offers him since people got too uninteresting.
He makes his cash with others seeing him play.
Nevertheless, the expert sees 2 major criticisms in life as an e-athlete:
On the one hand, you don’t learn anything in the job that would assist you somewhere else
On the other hand, the permanent video gaming is a problem at some point.
Dipping into Rock took control of early.
At the high school, he fake signatures, did refrain from doing homework and lied to teacher in order to have the ability to gamble more.
He actually discarded other club activities: It was no more dependency, that had to do with it.
At some time he had actually arrived 300 in Europe and could earn money with League of Legends.
Nevertheless, the review of the time looks different today:
Due to the fact that our whole life is actually only gaming, it is extremely, much lost.
Especially at such a young age.
I have actually been playing expert given that I was 18 and numerous others begin even previously.

They will not experience numerous things that I state, typical, trainees or [those] who do an apprenticeship that have normal contact with people.
You have actually not discovered soft abilities.
You simply discovered to be the very best in one game.
Rock just saw his moms and dads four times throughout the time.
When he increased highly as a professional gamer and discovered that he constantly lives unhealthy, he chose to stop.
A team that focuses on the support of the gamers is Contract Spandau-the group from the German YouTuber Handofblood:

You got agreements that were not stuck to

Today Rock works as a consultant at the Esports Gamer Structure and assists young professionals who themselves make every effort for a profession in e-sports.
The ex-professional applauds how much e-sport has established over the last few years.
When he started, it was still fooled, guarantees and agreements were not fulfilled.
They had to take care of everything themselves, had no help.
It is different today.
Rock applauds: There is simply much, a lot more to ensure that the new generation can get even much better which it has it easier. He is a bit envious, but pleased to be able to help in his brand-new position now.
Life as a professional does not fit the top priorities that Rock wants to set for his life.
E-sport is a fast-moving field in which professions can start quickly and can be ended as quickly.
Rock himself had no team-something that would be unthinkable in other sports.
One of the current talents in e-sports was likewise possible:

What took place to the 15-year-old that his mom got of school so that he has more time for Fortnite?

10 hours a day, every day, 7 days a week.
We don’t play with good friends, we do not play for enjoyable.

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