Learn How to Expand Your Inventory and Save More Team Pieces in Hogwarts Legacy.


In the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy you can find dozens of chests, bags and other places where you will get many team pieces to improve the statistics of your magician or witch.
The bad thing is that each piece you obtain will go directly to the inventory and this has a somewhat limited capacity.

It would be good to be able to do magic and get the pockets to become larger, but in order to expand the inventory it is necessary to meet a series of steps that we are going to tell you in the next guide.

How to expand the inventory to save more team pieces

When the inventory is filled with the game itself, it will be the one that will tell you that you have to break some items, sell them in a store or overcome Merlin tests to get more space.
The latter is a series of challenges that you will find distributed throughout the open world, so you will have to look for and complete them.
However, you will not have access to these tests from the first minute, since first you have to advance in the main story for a few hours until you give you the mission The Ouagadougou girl in which you will meet Nora Tread well, an explorer who
It is determined to discover the mystery surrounding Merlin’s tests.
In fact, it will be the one who will give you all the indications to solve the first of them.
In this particular case it is to locate three pillars that are around and use fire in them to burn them quickly before they go out.
In the case of doing so correctly, a sequence will come out that will indicate that the test has been successfully overcome, something you can check in the challenges’ menu in the exploration tab.
From that moment you will have to locate the rest of the Merlin tests that will be distributed everywhere with different objectives to carry out.
In some cases it will have to locate some round stones that you must place on platforms with ACCIO or also others that consist of using lights with moths that have to lead to some stones to illuminate them.
These are nothing more than a few examples that you will find during the trip.
Thus, when you complete a certain amount you will have to access the previously indicated menu part and claim the rewards, which will make your inventory expand in four holes, until you get a total of 20 additional spaces.
For the rest, another important detail to keep in mind is that you will need Malvadulce leaves to start Merlin tests.
Luckily they can be purchased at Hogs made or you can also manufacture them in Hogwarts in your Men.

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