Classic Pokemon Games Now Available On Nintendo Switch Online – New Opportunities Await!

Last week something requested by users who have Nintendo Switch Online, and that was precisely the arrival of video games corresponding to GB, GBC and GBA was announced.


The same has caused the players to get excited, because Pokémon’s classic releases are as much as the most desired of the catalog.
One of the clues that make the obvious arrival of these games on the online service is linked to Nintendo 64, and it is known that both deliveries will arrive at that library.
And in its small lyrics, it was indicated that there would be no way to make transfers due to the absence of classic games and of course, the 64 Transfer Pack.
However, now on the Japan YouTube channel a video has been updated that indicates the terms of how the service works, and just in the segments that show Pokémon Stadium, the letter that clarifies not being able to transfer information has been removed.
That made fans automatically think that at least the first versions reach classic GB.
For its part, as the sequel of Stadium will arrive, it is likely that the second generation is also invited to the party, since the golden, silver version and the crystal could arrive.
Although for savings reasons, they are likely to only throw the final games.
But, that will also depend on whether an agreement is reached with The Pokémon Company.
For now, it will have to wait for the dates of both Pokémon Stadium to confirm, because there is still nothing.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: No doubt we all want to play the classic Pokémon games on Switch, but their owners have always been selfish in the aspect that they do not want to launch them again.

Miracle arrived at 3DS at the time.

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