Roblox: Play Arcane Odyssey – An Epic MMORPG Adventure on Your Platform!

roblox arcane odyssey is an MMORPG game of open world action that will be launched for the platform.
In this experience, you will embark on an epic trip through the seas of the war, participating in the conflicts of kingdoms and organizations that fight for power.


Many will die, but only strong will survive in this world hard and contaminated with magic.
From Paris to Living Legend, will people fear your name or will they adore it?
If you want to know what the controls in Arcane Odyssey are, we tell you what you need to know in this guide.
If you want to know more about the game, be sure to visit Arcane Odyssey Trello.

Arcane Odyssey control list

If you open the configuration (key N), you can change the method of avoiding the Shift key.

Then you will avoid the direction where you are running when Shift pressures.
If you keep Shift without moving, you will recharge your energy.
Touch a movement key twice (w/a/s/d)-dash in that direction (USA Stamina)
Left click (M1)-Attack (when the weapon or hands are equipped)
0-9-Select element, skills or weapon on the toolbar
Z, x, c, v, f, r, e, q-spells with equipped magic
Change-Energy Load / Dash (if changing in the configuration)
Tab-open the inventory
`-open backpack
Control-Alternate Execution
T-air release (use resistance)
Alternative-Shift Lock (this does not work for me, but this is the key that is supposed to be!)
North-Open Menu
Metro-Open Map
L-Open message input tray
K-Open the missions’ menu
J-Open information
B-Menu of gestures
Pag-Cinematographic Chamber Zoom-I
Take away the camera-or
That is all you need to know about the game controls!
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