Voice Phishing Prevention: Learn through the Fun Mobile Game Blue Messenger by Game Klasch

Game Clash Park INAOO, based on his moms and dads who really suffered phishing damage, planned a ‘blue messenger’ to provide a method to make phishing criminal offense prevention more fun as well as properly find out how to avoid them.
We will not only have a good time however likewise prove the worth of this platform of the game, and we will certainly plant it with many individuals who identify that the game is really excellent.

In the Blue Carrier, the gamer shed his spouse in a train mishap 3 years ago as well as played the game from the factor of sight of a white-collar worker who increased a 15-year-old child alone.
Eventually, when I see a photo of an abducted child sent to a messenger, I am embarrassed as well as recognizes what to do.

The Blue Carrier makes use of an acquainted user interface similar to KakaoTalk, and also adopts a multi-ending system that depends on the reality-based story, top-notch images, different challenge web content, and personality taste written by animations and majors.

‘Blue Carrier’, a story-based mobile game created for public interest to minimize voice phishing damage, was formally released on the Google Play Store on December 30, 2022.

Game Clash is an indie programmer with three programmers: Park INAOO, who is in fee of art as well as preparation, Park Ryukyu, who supervises of customer growth, as well as a nominee developer.


Rep Park INAOO used the art as well as graphics preferred by international individuals to the tale journey genre game, and also determined to create a game where users can experience indirect experience based on their genuine experiences, and also establish a story-oriented simulation game ‘Blue Carrier’
I presented it.

There is a mobile game created for public passions to lower the victims of voice phishing.
This is the story of the story game ‘Blue Carrier’ created by the domestic indie game programmer game Flash.

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