How to Get Giant Kemono Gems in Wild Hearts – Tips for Hunting Kemonos and Increasing Your Power

For Wild Hearts gamers, Kimonos hunting is the major goal.
During the video game, these monsters become an increasing number of effective, and in order to maintain, gamers should produce and enhance their tools along the road.
With some rare exceptions, the materials needed to improve tools are reasonably easy to obtain.
Among these exemptions is the valuable rocks of Wild Hearts Giant Kimono;
These gemstones have mystical wonderful power and also are essential to enhance a particular weapon in the video game.
This guidebook informs how to process this valuable, yet unattainable building item in Wild Hearts.

The area of the priceless stones Wild Hearts Titan Kimono

Although you will need these unique gemstones at the later stages of the video game, one of the primary sources of these distinct jewels is in phase 1. You should fight with a miner, the last kimono in the phase to get gemstones in the type of decline.
There is one more kimono with whom you can battle to obtain this distinct treasure.
After Phase 3, when you begin magnificent searching, you will certainly run into a large kimono, from which a gigantic kimono massive rock will fall.
The beast you will certainly experience is a mighty gold fragment.
This crystal porcupine is a genuine difficulty for battle and success, and also it does not even ensure the loss of jewels

Tips for growing Giant Kimono valuable rocks.

  • When improving weapons, you will use these precious rocks as crazy, so gamers should stockpile as several precious rocks as feasible as very early as feasible, especially if gamers wish to create armor and also weapons of the divine dragon.
  • Securing the initial kimono, do not neglect to take some stitching tool with you.
    Additionally, you have to see to it that you have an attribute of water essential to obtain the gemstones of Kimono Wild Hearts Titan.


  • Currently, when it comes to a fight with a gold piece, you need to make certain that you have two spontaneous characteristics;
    Wind as well as plant.
  • As currently discussed, jewels hardly ever drop out of Mighty Gold shard, so if you are tired to eliminate with Earth breaker, you can try this choice, yet it’s not ideal to ranch with gemstones.

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