5 of Teamfight TacticsGuide to Animal Squad Composition in TFT Set 8.5: Glitch in the Matrix – What Objects to Favor & How to Position Champions?

He came the time of Glitch in the matrix, the set 8.5 of Team fight Tactics.
And who says Mini Set says new champions, synergies, and mechanics.
This time no big unit which takes two places, but a heroic increase for one of your champions.
Which will necessarily increase the possibilities.
Do not panic nevertheless, we have prepared for you guides to easily take control of compos.
And here is that of the animal section composition (Anima Squad in VO) for TFT set 8.5.
What are the champions to recover as a priority?
What objects coveted in the carousel?
Who are your Carry’s?
All the information you need to play the composition well in the following lines.
Last update: 03/22/2023, patch 13.6

Information on the animal section composition of TFT set 8.5

Positioning of champions on the set

When to go on the animal section composition?

The composition has not changed much with the mid-set.
Animal section need to stack as quickly as possible to take advantage of the bonuses with each elimination.
This means that you want as soon as possible a start with them.
And objects placed on Jinx for what work begins while waiting for the rest of his friends.


Animal section

When the champions of the animal section kill another champion, they take a break to take a selfie and increase their popularity.
The anima section gain from LAD and LAP, plus 5 PV max for each point of popularity accumulated.

(3) 10% AD and AP
(5) 35% AD and AP
(7) 60% AD and AP


(2) The first time that they fell under 50% PV, the pranks men invoke a model, move to a safe place, and regenerate 150 PV.
(3) Enemy who kills the mannequin is dizzy for 1.5 seconds.


All the allies gain magic resistance.
The AEGIS win more.


(2) 20 Magic resistance, 40 for the AEGIS
(3) 40 Magic resistance, 80 for the AEGIS
(4) 60 Magic resistance, 120 for the AEGIS
(5) 90 Magic resistance, 180 for the AEGIS


When a mascot dies, she is retiring on the side of the battlefield to encourage her team.
The allies regenerate a percentage of their max PV every 2 seconds, increased by 1% for each mascot encouraging them.
The mascots regenerate this amount twice.

(2) regenerates 1.5% PV
(4) Regenerates 3% PV
(6) regenerates 5% PV
(8) regenerates 12% PV


The bonus is only active if you have exactly 1 or 4 ace.

(1) executes enemies under 15% PV
(4) executes enemies under 30% PV


After 2 projectiles launched by a skill and inflicting damage, the pastorates launch an additional projectile which inflicts bonus damage.

(2) + 60% damage
(3) + 100% damage
(4) + 140% damage

start of game

Priority objects

How to play the composition?

• Life here is quite simple.
There is the possibility of infinite stacking, so we take it.
So see it as a Win More composition.
The more you win, the more you win.
• Be careful however, if you appreciate free PVS, animal section can be frustrating.
They do not really have a reliable source of damage at the end of the game, apart from Multi de Miss Fortune.
And if she has the misfortune of Cast on a single unity, or to sample in an aurochs, it is sadness.
• It is important to doff tanks objects in Riven to do its job while protecting your carries.
• The Core Riven/MF/Jinx can be completed in several ways.
We can think of a more tank version by inserting Shen and VI, a giant robot with Tax/Leona/Garden, or even more late damage with Fiddlesticks/Leona.
Important is to adapt to the lobby and not remain blocked on its 8 champions.

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