Rowling.Test Your Magical Powers with Hogwarts Legacy for PC: An Epic Adventure Awaits!

A great power requires a good baguette

Although we are in Universe Harry Potter, we are far from the history imagined by J.K. Rowling.
Indeed, our story took place in 1890 and no character of the books is still present.
The game offers you a character, of which you will have the leisure to choose the various attributes, in order to return to the fifth year to the famous school of sorcerers.
From the first moments, you understand that your character is not the average person, but that something mysterious is around him.
Suffice to say that we will spoil nothing, but rather give you our opinion on this story of ancient magic.

The creation of characters

All in all quite classic, the creation of characters gives you the choice between a few facial forms, hairstyles and distinctive scars and signs.
We will note that there is no choice of gender and, that, the choice of your creative options, you can generate your character in your own way.
Note that it will be possible to be transsexual and choose your dormitory.
This choice will also determine the way in which other characters will be sober to you.
Finally, you can choose the difficulty mode of difficulty.
Because we are budding magicians, we have chosen difficult mode.
This choice mainly concerns the life bars and the damage to your enemies;
Frankly, the fights are extended for not much.
We clearly recommend that you put your Pro-Gamer ego aside and choose a normal mode (or lower for those who want a quieter experience), because the game is not worth the candle.
Even if the creation of characters is not very well provided, we see that there is everything we need to give birth to our character to Learn.

History and its meanders

The Hogwarts Legacy takes up codes quite similar to the works she inspire.
We share moments with knowledge between the courses and the mysteries that come into drop consumption as you progress.
History is after all very classic and lacks real charismatic characters to which we catcher or that it hates.
Everyone is quite smooth and there is a certain lack of nuances in personalities.
The characters are generally quite smooth, and you never really weave links.
SIL is quite pleasant to be a student among the students, we regret that all social aspects for schooling has simply been put on the side.
Develop relationships or even have a system of moral according to our choices would undoubtedly have made it possible to dapprofondir a little more the history and aspect RPG of the title.
We are much more in a world of action-adventure than a real RPG.
Indeed, the main elements that Lon can bring to this style are linked to the evolution of our equipment or our talent tree.
Apart from this, there are few choices that really change the course of the history.
And that is one of the main defects of the title, which meets at the level of the history: the Hogwarts houses.
When we carry out the test of magic choice, we are already very surprised to say that very few questions are asked.
Avalanche Software tried to delay this scene to allow the player to have some experiences that can highlight the choice of hat.
However, it is clearly badly brought and, in purpose, you can choose the house where LON ARA anyway.
Gryffindor and Slytherin are necessarily at the top of the choices, because these are the most highlighted houses in the J.K. Rowling.
We finish with Ravenclaw when we don’t want to be mainstream and with a pouffes when we want to be harassed.
However, the choice of your house will have little to do on the continuation of events, and you never really have the sensation of a house.
Being aerate during my run (I respected the choice), I did not have the impression of being in competition or in rivalry with the other houses during my studies.
Everyone is nice, everyone is beautiful, regardless of their house… again, the nuance.
It is quite interesting to see that the first mods to arrive at the PC are multiplayer.
This proves that Universe Hogwarts Legacy works, but that SY feels a little too alone.

Hogwarts, the world and the fight

Hogwarts is wonderfully restored within the game. It is big, we are constantly losing and, fortunately, they had life to add teleporting points everywhere.
Because damn it, what is big!
In addition, we find life everywhere in the different rooms of the houses, regardless of the moments of the day or the night.
You can find a little unpublished scene if you take the time in the corridors of Become.
On the other hand, we regret that at Instar Dun Red Dead Redemption 2, this universe is quite static.
We will find the same characters in the same places constantly without there is life or changes.
It will finally note that the artistic direction is indeed present, but if it sometimes lacks greatness and excess.
And yet, when we talk about grandeur, difficult not to talk about the world surrounding Become.
A real playing field overflowing annexed activities and offering a deep desire exploration.
We really get into the game to the point that the history NEN becomes only secondary.
We want to discover and explore this universe, its villages and its stories.
Furthermore, we regret a little the diversity of certain spaces that end up looking like each other, and we sometimes find ourselves visiting the same cottage three times with the same arrangement.
As with Become, we also regret the lack of life and the fact that everything is a little frozen, waiting for that we bring our own touch to it.
Finally, the open world around us is quite classic of what we already know in games like Assassin’s Creed.
We regret the lack of surprise, detours or even innovation.
One of the strengths of the title lies in particular in its fights.
We learn spells as we progress in laventure (some spells unlock in particular via secondary quests).
ACCIO, REVELRY, LEVIES, REPULSE… Even if we are struggling a little with the different spell bars and the possibility of switching between these bars, the fights are rather dynamic and, above all, spell combinations are possible.
For example, realize Action + Intended or the famous Glacial + Diffing which is certainly the combo making the most damage today.
It should be noted above all that the attacks also respond directly to the weak points of the enemies.
On the other hand, it is necessary to be very attentive, because each enemy has a weak point in the face of a spell.
For example, the Rangoon must be put into levitation as soon as they take out their tongue, a good scattering, and it will be the one shot by cutting their tongue.
Ditto for spiders who take refuge in the ground, a good stroke of Levies and Trainee pouf.
Generally, you discover these aspects via duel exploits, real small challenges that push you to use this or that fate against your enemies.
One of the main regrets concerning the fight is mainly around the unforgivable spells and joins one of the points that I mentioned above: morality.
As many denture you know, there are three unforgivable spells: Arvada Cedar, Imperil and Dolores.
SIL is in no way necessary to unlock these spells to finish the game, their use however raises questions when you are sintered on the Lore Harry Potter.
The use of these spells would like to say that we want extreme suffering to his enemy and sits are prohibited, it is not necessarily for nothing.
Now, in the game, we can swing Arvada Cedar to everything, even in the presence of teachers, without anyone sin quiet or asks the slightest question… Finally, an ACI or a Dolores, what difference?
Once again, a system of morality would have allowed so much nuance to our character, to his relationships with others and to the way in which he is seen around the world.
We also regret a bestiary not necessarily the most supplied with several iterations of the same monsters, the fights can therefore be increased by this Dennis redundancy where the technique does not always change to overcome it.

Secondary quests & additional activities

The more Hogwarts Legacy is that he does not live only thanks to his main quest (and fortunately).
There are a bunch of secondary quests that allow you to exhaust the world (quite large) that surrounds you whether in a broom or in mount.
In Instar many open worlds, we find FedEx quests, badly written quests, but also good surprises.
We develop few relationships with secondary characters (I think I have been mainly marked by two or three characters), but they have quests with a common thread as you laventure.
For example, you follow the adventures of Poppy and poachers.

My main concern with secondary quests is what are a little put there for no apparent reason.
If we take Example de The Witcher, we are a witch-go man, and it is therefore normal for people to ask us for ugly.
In Hogwarts, we are supposed to be an average student in the eyes of others and yet, every 5 meters, there is someone to tell us about his problems and ask for ugly.
It is, for me, an element that is a little in your mouth, it’s magical, but hey these are the meanders of Open World.
Afterwards, it’s nice, it fills Universe, but it remains all the same, for a large part, totally anecdotal.
As we said earlier, Alliance Software was not stingy in additional activities.
Cuttings, mini-games, a housing system, animal harvesting, dead duels… In short, you can clearly not annoy you as this open world has proposals to make you.
So, proposals are nice, but is it necessary that it was necessary to put more than 50 iterations of the same activity around the world?
I am thinking in particular of the challenges of Merlin which are quite sympathetic at the beginning to finally become squarely Chianti as we advance to unlock the challenges.
Besides, what an idea of putting the increase in inventory on this type of annexes!
On the other hand, however, of the diversity of activities, this is that there is no difficulty in walking right to the left between two history passages and sometimes even getting lost for a few hours.
Speaking of the challenges, the game overflows for all the activities and these unlock appearances, bonuses and other elements, it is therefore necessary to be aware of their existence and not to hesitate to satiate the success of the latter to facilitate
Sometimes playing.
I think that the special mention is mainly on the fact of the housing, craft and animal capture.
There is a way to make fairly sympathetic creations there and rather easy.
It reminded me a little of the systems utilized FFI at this level.

on the technique side

While it is clear, the first moments in Live Harry were really complicated in view of the problems of the PC and its Opt.
Alternating 100FPS + with drop images at 15-20 FPS in certain places.
It was necessary to survey the Reedits (thank you, @crowzer) and become druid in modification of files in order to stabilize everything.
Apart from that, the game is clearly well, but it remains very problematic especially since the first patches will not arrange the situation.


However, today is already more pleasant and there are less these losses of performance.
We will also note a lack of finish, but this is often the case with open worlds.
Small texture bugs, graphic pixels or the characters who get stuck in textures… Not always easy to be an open world.
As you will see on the different screenshots, the game offers very friendly sets!

In conclusion

Hogwarts Legacy was a fascinating experience, but not necessarily unforgettable.
I am one of those people who grew up with books, discovered the films and I must say that Jen was waiting for more.
We stay in something classic, moreover with a story that never takes off and that, even when it offers scenes supposed to be badass, they are badly orchestrated whether in rhythm or in audio laspecies.
However, we are faced with a truly enchanting universe and rather transcribed from the studio.
We even find ourselves spending hours on travel, exploring and attempting to resolve the ancillary activities offered.
For a studio the size of Avalanche Software, it is rather good work when we see here they come.
But, in view of the limits of the license, it could have been better, more performance, more captivating and above all better written.
The more is that the game now has a base sufficiently developed to allow rapport of many LCS (who said Quidditch?), But also the mods that the community has eager to set up.
The studio recently highlighted that it was not necessarily on the program, but given the success of the game, it would be surprising not to capitalize even further.
In terms of lifespan, you can count between 15-20 hours to finish the main story and a fairly similar number to finish the game 100 %.
Everything will depend on the time that you waste admiring the decorum!
We will also note that there are several ends, but which are still quite light in terms of change and only concerns a choice on the end.

Hogwarts Legacy will most certainly appeal to fans of the first as of the last hour, because it is a good game. With a little more polish and reflection, he could even have been one of the big games of this year, but he does not stay
Less pleasant to explore (maybe not at full price for the most suspicious?).
The game is currently available on PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X | S and PC;
The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will arrive in April, the Switch version in July.
Test carried out by Coastal from a PC version provided by the editor.

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